Our team comprises of the best property lawyers in Kenya who oversee the legal process in the acquisition and disposal of real estate property. There is need for an expert to avoid the sales/acquisition process being challenged which at times may cause substantial loss if the property had been developed.

At K&P we have qualified associate lawyers at hand to ensure that agreement contracts for sale/lease are customized to meet your needs and to make sure that you understand the details of the contracts that bind you to property ownership.

Top associate law firms allied to K&P have decades of institutional experience in the property field. Given their professional experience, they are well able to act as litigators as well as handle all the legal aspects of real estate transactions that you are interested in. Services offered include but are not limited to mediating real estate transactions and litigation of fraud cases.

Given the nature of the real estate market, it is common for incidences of disclosure fraud, mortgage fraud and land use issues and zoning laws to occur. Our trusted property lawyers come in handy to ensure that your property acquisition process is smooth and without legal hitches. These services are available for both commercial and residential real estate development.

To us legal services in property acquisition and development goes beyond review of legal documents, negotiations, and property title transfer. We extend our services to court representation and interpretation of real estate laws to our clients. Additionally, we offer advice on the technical issues of property ownership as wells as the implications of all the real estate transactions they intend to carry out.

Our team comprises of the best Kenyan-based property lawyers with strong negotiation, analytical, time management, organization and networking skills. With this kind of skill set combined with expertise, our lawyers are well able to protect the interest of our clients to reduce risks associated with real estate transactions.