The best land surveyors in Kenya allied to K&P are responsible for demarcation of real property as per the plans.

We recognize that the important role played by land surveyors that is why we will link you with them so that you can discuss your specific project requirements prior to the actual work. Our land surveyors critically analyze all the information related to the property under consideration before handing over the information to other professionals that you would wish to engage with.

With the changes in technology as far as land surveying is concerned, K&P engages with chartered land surveyors in Kenya who are continuously upgrading their services so that they can deliver quality and expert witness. Geographical Information systems (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS), Computer Aided Designs (CAD) as well as other IT related software are extensively used by our land surveyors.

Our qualified land surveyors are highly reliable and provide useful information for purchasers, sellers, realtors, and other interested parties regarding property boundaries and physical developments on the property. With the vast experience of our survey team, our clients are assured of the worthiness of the huge financial investment that they are making so that they can have peace of mind.

Top land surveyors in Nairobi allied to K&P are experts in digital mapping, ground measuring, data gathering, aerial photography, satellite surveys, laser beam measuring systems and data processing.

Besides typical land surveying practices, at K&P, our land surveyors assist in conducting initial surveys and environmental impact assessment alongside environmental consultants that K&P recommends.  They similarly work with our engineers, architects and other professionals engaged in your project.

Our land surveyors are creative and well able to resolve planning and development problems. Additionally, they offer a wide range of advice to all our clients as far as their land surveying is concerned and the viability of building construction plans.