Through out the development phase, we have structural engineers at hand to work with the architects. The structural engineers assess the structure’s ability to fulfill the specific purpose for which it is being constructed, while remaining  safe, economic and functioning to eternity.

At K&P we strive to ensure that your construction is done with regard to the required safety standards even in the most challenging conditions.

Construction engineers choose for you the appropriate materials to be used in the construction given the architecture of the structure.

Construction engineers linked to K&P have vast experience in the use of computer aided designs for simulation purposes.

Qualified structural engineers working with K&P provide advice on risk worthiness of investments as well as advise on the integrity of the structure under construction or renovation.

We understand that some projects may be overwhelming for individual construction engineers that’s why you need K&P to link you with our team of top construction engineers in Kenya specializing in design structures, building structures and research to deliver client specific results.