We engage with qualified quantity surveyors in Kenya to manage all costs related to property development. Their range of responsibilities include but are not limited to preparing budget estimates and ensure that costs are minimized throughout the development process while maintaining the required quality standards.

We understand that property development may take many forms. Regardless of the size of your project, our top quantity surveyors will work with your from the plan drawing stage right to the completion of the project.

For your construction you will need a quantity surveyor who is skilled enough to  take control of the construction costs, manage and maintain the budget.

Engaging with the best quantity surveyors in your construction project will ensure that your structure remains efficient and profitable in the case of commercial buildings.

At K&P we continually source for the best quantity surveyors in Kenya who are highly skilled in numerics, finance, monitoring and evaluation and market needs analysis.

K&P only works with leading quantity surveyors in Kenya who adhere to statutory building regulations.