Real Estate Investment Partnerships (REIPs)

These are property buying vehicles that bring together  those who would like to invest in  the real estate industry but lack enough capital to do so as individuals. The capital required to invest in the real estate industry is substantial and its prudent at times to partner with others who have similar investment goals.

K&P REIPs are formulated in such a manner that the consolidated capital is invested in a cost-efficient way and where there will be high returns on investments.

Our REIPs platform enables you to fulfill your ambition of investing in residential, commercial and even industrial property even in the presence of strict underwriting requirements that may hinder some individuals  from getting bank loans on their own. Under REIPs however, persons with similar interest of real estate investments are able to pool resources with ease and within a shorter period. At the same time it is easier to acquire commercial bank financing under a group set up than as an individual.

Besides making investment in real estate easier, investors under this program get to earn dividends on their investments.

Aside from financial considerations, through REIPs, it is easier for investors to avoid disastrous deals from the onset. With the help of our professionals at K&P unsuspecting investors are shielded from real estate risks linked to fraudulent activities.

The REIP platform offered by K&P brings together an amalgam of professionals. Both our team as well as the investors bring to the table different strengths . But at the end of the day, it is our work to seal the real estate deals since we are the experts.

Under the REIP platform, risks associated with real estate investments are shared amongst all the investors . Whether a first time or an experienced investor, this kind of partnerships helps to offset the associated risk especially with the increase in size of the investment projects. But with K&P involved, risks are significantly minimized.

Our  professionals are well able to  advise on  the diverse areas of investment and analyze the different investment opportunities as well as the risks associated with any given investment.

The partners are the absolute owners of the property mortgaged via this arrangement.

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