7 things to consider before hiring an architect

When you are preparing to spend your hard earned cash on building commercial premises or the home of your dream, you should take the time to reflect upon several factors which will determine the success of your building project. That being said, it is in your best interest to consider the following;

1. Your budget

Hiring a professional for your project  will definitely cost you. Labor costs will also make up a large percentage of your project’s budget and can be the most important element in its completion in good time. Having building materials exhausted and no way of purchasing them before a project is completed can throw the whole project off course. Whatever unique constraints that affect the scheduling of your project, ensuring that your budgetary requirements are realistic and set from the very beginning of your planning will make your project completion a breeze.

2. Timing of the Project

Many homeowners in Kenya prefer to move into a finished building before the rainy season begins while hotel owners are likely to expect a project or renovation to be finished before tourists come pouring into the country. It is therefore imperative to weigh upon all time variables which you are considering for the your project before hiring your architect of choice, from when you want the construction to begin to the time of its completion.

3. Your unique style

Decide upon the design and style you would like your project to have, be it a sleek contemporary building design or one of styles of the by-gone era. However, you  can leave the creative aspect to the architect if you have no restrictions on how you would like the project to look like.

4. Flexibility in change of plans

There are times when an unexpected change in plans occurs before construction is set to begin. It could be changes in budget caused by factors like unplanned medical expenses or maybe your land could happen to be grabbed by local residents. Sometimes you can have an environmental protest that can halt the construction of your project. Key building materials can be ruined during transportation to the site or even inherent environmental factors like flooding could affect your site. Whatever the factor might be, an architect that is flexible enough to handle such changes would be your best bet at handling stressful roadblocks in your project.

5. Teamwork & Delivery

An architect will work with with a team of other professionals including project managers, engineers or interior designers. You should have an open mind to take advice and professional suggestions which will propel your construction to a successful finish. Always employ efficient personnel to perform the job for you.

6. Professionalism

Understanding a blueprint can be difficult for any individual. Keep in mind that an architect should be up to speed with the latest drawing techniques or methods like 3D imaging to get a more accurate feel of how the project will look like after its completion. An architect that has no idea about the latest drawing trends and techniques should be a red flag for anyone looking to employ their services.

7.Clear lines of communication

Working closely with an architect will mean that the architecture can fully understand the architectural process which will determine the smooth running of the construction project.  Ensure that you will have constant if not frequent communication to be able to support the architecture more actively whenever necessary. It can also mean that the identification of conflicting items or situations during the process  can have clear strategies of being resolved at an early stage if any should arise.


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