Who we are

Kain & Partners is a multidisciplinary real estate agency in Kenya whose primary objective is to create a one-stop-shop for quality real estate services and investment options.

Our strength is in our ability to approach real estate transactions and ventures with caution and professionalism.  We understand that sales/acquisition, investment and development cycles involve different information, professionals and processes which are lengthy, taxing and require due diligence and a keen eye. For this, we have a team of experts to bring ease in all your real estate transactions.

We at K&P do the hard job for you. Our agency puts all the information and professionals within reach and oversees all formalities on your behalf. Our associate professionals and firms include lawyers, surveyors, valuers, project managers, architects, building contractors, quantity surveyors, service engineers, landscape architects, interior designers, and property agents among others.

If you are looking to sell or acquire property, our brokerage department deals with candor, integrity and keenness on every transaction to ensure our clients’ transactions are above board, legal and they get the true value of transaction.

Thinking of developing, our team of professionals will ensure the success of your project. The success of every building project depends on the individual professionals/firms you’ve worked with in the project. It’s essential the sum total of their input and yours.

Want to venture into real estate in Kenya? call us on 020 2053948 and let’s start the journey together.